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Welcome to my website. Whether you’re a teacher who’d like me to visit their school to inspire their pupils, or a child who wants to know more about me and my books (or if you’ve stumbled across the site by accident), I hope you find what you’re looking for. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more.

Antony has visited more than 2000 schools, working with over a third of a million children. To get a recommendation from a school near you that he has visited, click here.

“Antony Lishak is a very special person who is able to hold an entire school spellbound for an hour and a half; can enrapture children of all abilities; will tease the individuality from each of them and will have pupils and teachers rocking with laughter.”

Times Educational Supplement

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Antony endeavours to involve as many children as possible and will adapt his presentations to suit the needs of the school. He is happy to work with small groups, whole classes or to do entire key-stage presentations.  For early years and key-stage one children he gives a highly interactive performance of some of his work, getting EVERYONE involved. For key-stage two children he explains how he uses his own experiences as starting points to stories and draws parallels between the way he works and what children are asked to do in class.


STARS – Antony’s latest book

Warsaw, September 1939. For twelve-year-old, Stefan and Marcus, the zoo is their playground. Stefan lives with his family at the zoo and has grown up with the animals and their keepers. But Marcus is Jewish, and when Nazi troops invade Warsaw their world is torn apart. At enormous risk, their fathers devise a wild scheme to protect Marcus’ family and other Jews. But boys will be boys and a rebellious act of revenge threatens to ruin everything. Inspired by the fact that hundreds of Polish Jews found shelter in the abandoned cages and underground rooms of Warsaw Zoo, Stars is a story of brotherhood, courage and hope in the face of adversity.

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The STARS Workshop for Year 6 children

After half term I’ll be leading a series of workshops based on STARS to year 6 kids. I’ll start the day by leading a presentation (lasting about 45 mins)  that will cover my personal reasons for writing the book and the amazing true story it is based on. I’ll be making the point that, although […]