Stars - Antony Lishak
Stars Warsaw, September 1939.  For twelve-year-old, Stefan and Marcus, the zoo is their playground. Stefan lives with his family at the zoo and has grown up with the animals and their keepers. But Marcus is Jewish, and when Nazi troops invade Warsaw their world is torn apart. At enormous risk, their fathers devise a wild scheme to protect Stefan’s family and other Jews. But boys will be boys and a rebellious act of revenge threatens to ruin everything. Inspired by the fact that hundreds of Polish Jews found shelter in the abandoned cages and underground rooms of Warsaw Zoo, Stars is a story of brotherhood, courage and hope in the face of adversity.


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Henry's Boots - Antony Lishak


Henry’s Boots No one has seen anything like it before. Henry Davis, the famously uncoordinated klutz, has got the ball! But wait, he’s striding towards the keeper – ball glued to his feet. Can it be true? Body-swerving the defender, he strikes… GOAL! He’s scored. Outstanding! Stunned, the crowd gape, mouths trapping flies. Henry Davis is truly … unbelievable. There must be magic in those boots…

Clickety Clack - Antony Lishak


Clickety Clack Something to Pack
A rhyming, counting puzzle book for 3 – 6 year olds.



Ten Pound Note - Antony Lishak


The Ten Pound Note How could three school children have got hold of a ten pound note? The case against Diane, Thomas and Lorraine looks bad when they’re discovered with the money. But nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface.





Jumble the Puppy  ‘Please, Mum, can we get a puppy? I promise I’ll look after it and take it for walks. It won’t be any trouble,’ said Dan. Jumble the puppy arrives on Dan’s seventh birthday, but soon gets into mischief! Dad and Mum decide he has to go. Then one day, Jumble does something to make them change their minds.



Coming Round So I’m in hospital. That bleeping noise must be my heart. But I can’t remember what happened. Colin knows he would never run out on to the road. There must have been a reason – but his mind is keeping it a secret…






How To Score a Goal - Antony Lishak


How to Score a Goal Learn about the science behind football techniques, and how to develop soccer skills. Our special coaching tips and healthy hints will give you a head start to becoming a fantastic goal scorer!



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