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The STARS Workshop for Year 6 children

After half term I’ll be leading a series of workshops based on STARS to year 6 kids. I’ll start the stars_final_coverday by leading a presentation (lasting about 45 mins)  that will cover my personal reasons for writing the book and the amazing true story it is based on. I’ll be making the point that, although my story is set 70 years ago, it’s major themes are equally relevant today. Then I will ask the children to imagine how wonderful it would be if their generation was the one that finally breaks the cycle… that when they are the adults who are running things the values of equality, fairness and mutual respect are so widely accepted that the world really is a better place… Maybe their generation will be the one to genuinely learn from the mistakes of history? I’ll ask them to consider what they could do to ensure that the hopes and ideals they have now are not forgotten when they are older. Then I will set the task – to write a letter to their grown up self; setting out what they feel is wrong with today’s world and what needs to be done to make tomorrow better. As the day goes on, and the children produce their final piece of work, they will be encouraged to decorate the letters and make them as beautiful as possible. Then  copies will be made of each letter, one for the school to keep so that the original can be taken home by each child, to be kept in a safe place for their adult self to read…