From The Author  A PowerPoint file with a message from the author.

The Map  A PowerPoint file that provides information about the major historical sites in Warsaw.

The Historical Context  A PowerPoint file that provides some historical background to the events of the book.

Who’s Who in the Book  A PowerPoint file that that gives a potted profile of the major characters in the book.

The Zoo  A PowerPoint file that outlines the actual events that occurred in The Warsaw Zoo during the war.

More Information  A PowerPoint file with suggestions for further research into the subject.

Special thanks to The Warsaw Zoo and The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute for their permission to use the images in the above resources. 

Other Resources

School Visit Resources 1 - “The Booklet” that talks about the importance of creative writing and explains how to use the posters and bookmarks.

School Visit Resources 2 – The three “Writing Process Posters”.

School Visit Resources 3 - “The Bookmarks”.

Clickety Clack Something to Pack  - A PowerPoint version of Antony’s book, ideal for use on a classroom whiteboard.

Baby Bear Comes Home Resources  - A PowerPoint file with a selection of stories by Antony, based on his book Baby Bear Comes Home.